How a monthly photography subscription can benefit your business

Keeping your social media profiles updated with great photos can be a real struggle. Let's face it; you didn't start your business to spend all day taking, editing and then posting photos of your business on social media did you? 

Regularly posting professional creative photographs of your business, staff and products on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is vital, but why? To answer this let's think about why people follow a brand or business. Firstly they love what you do; let's be honest who follows a social media account they don't like the look of or have had a bad experience with, nobody unless they just want to complain! 

No, it's official, they love you and hitting that follow button is their way of telling the world, and you, they love what you do and want to be kept informed. They are publicly saying "Hey can you post really great images and updates all about your business because I want to know more". 

I know it's obvious really, but so many business owners don't get this! Social media is all about interaction, attracting new clients and keeping your followers entertained and updated about what you are doing with eye-catching photography. It's simple, and now you know the secret do you still want to trust your poor photography skills or the overworked apprentice to look after your number one fans? 

"But Scott I'm so busy running my business I struggle to find the time!" Don't worry that's precisely why brands in Colorado hire me to help, just choose one of my social media marketing photo packages and sit back and relax, I've got this covered.