How a monthly photography subscription can benefit your business

Last month I introduced a new way of how I charge for my services. One thing I cherish a lot with my work is the people I meet, they inspire me and give my photography a purpose for someone other than myself. Thinking about how I could maintain these relationships even better, I came up with the idea I’m going to talk about here. 

I now offer a subscription package for my services, which essentially means that we shoot together monthly for a minimum of three months. I’ve had great feedback about it so far, and there are many benefits of this arrangement.

What is a Social Photography Subscription?

A Social Photography Subscription is just that - an affordable way to guarantee clean, cohesive, and professional photography for your social platforms every month.

How does a membership work?

When you become a member, Scott creates content for you monthly, where you can download from an online portal, that will be organized by dates for you to use for all your needs. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or any other online need, the photos are for you to use, anywhere you like. First, we will meet for a coffee and we'll talk about your goals. I'll learn about your company, and the story you want to tell online. Then I'll take a walk-through at your business and get an understanding of the team, location and overall desires. After that, I'll come in for two hours each month (we'll discuss dates), build a catalog of images to last 30 days, edit and resize them for your platforms, and deliver them to you through an easy online portal.

Is a membership right for me?

If you live in the Denver Metropolitan area, and you want to dominate Instagram, Facebook, the blogosphere, Pinterest, or another platform, then yes! You're going to love getting re-inspired each month with fresh images that tell your story.

What platforms can I use the photos for?

Any of them!

How quickly will I receive my photos?

We will set up a time that I come every month (such as the first Monday of every month) so that you know when you expect me. From there, it will be 7-8 business days turnaround. (I can sometimes make a rush order for special occasions.) Business managers find that knowing when I will be coming and when the photos will be done helps to add structure to promotions and launches, which is great!

What else do I need to know?

Social strategy is built on specific goals and consistency. The more you know about what you want to accomplish through your social platforms, the easier it will be for me to help you meet your goals! Write down your ideas and bring them with you when we meet for the first time. Also, once you become a member, you gain access to not only content created by a professional, but you also receive discounted rates on any other services that we provide. This could include event photo coverage, headshots, whatever you can dream up.